Broadcasting Station is Among Premier Plants of South,Work Commended

Among the southern activities of the Saenger Theatres, Inc., WSMB radio broadcasting station stands out as one of the most prominent.

The repute that has attached itself to WSMB of being the premier broadcasting station of the south and the advertising it has brought to the whole south, must rank high among all enterprise. Especially as WSMB is an enterprise that has been as notable in accomplishment as in visualization.

To go into details on the services WSMB has performed for the south would hardly be neccessary. All public spirited southerners are already acquainted with them. But the most salient - a service that was not connected with advertising, but with the actual saving of the gulf coast at the time of the two great tropical storms of the late summer and early fall this year, cannot be passed no matter how well it is known. It was magnificent evidence of the usefulness of WSMB.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune of Friday, August 27, expressed the sentiments of thousands in an editorial:




Storm News Via Radio.

"WSMB, the Maison Blanche Saenger broadcasting station, which has placed New Orleans on the national radio map, proved its usefulness Wednesday night in another than the entertainment field. With telephone and telegraph wires down and both these older means of communication either suspended or interrupted over a considerable area within range of the approaching storm, WSMB continued to broadcast the storm bulletins and warnings with a power and clarity that enabled them to be heard by New Orleans' neighbors near and remote who were awaiting storm news.

"The Mississippi coast folk yesterday sent in their thanks and congratulations, and doutless the beneficiaries of the service in other districts will be heard from. The value of the radio, and of the powerful broadcasting station established by the Saenger-Maison Blanche interests, was strikingly and convincingly demonstrated by WSMB's successful transmission of the storm bulletins and news when the wire services were crippled or suspended."

William H. Gueringer, assistant general manager of the Saenger Theatres, Inc., is general director, and the guiding spirit of WSMB. Clyde R. Randall - "C. R. R." - is program director and announcer.

January, 1927 WSMB press release